The Journey To Average 10K Time

average 10k time

So you just ran a 10K, you cross the finish line, you grab your medal, and the first thing you want to know is how your time stacks up. Well, that’s why you’ve landed here. We’ve broken down the average 10K times by age group so you can see where you place among your peers. … Read more

Experience the Tempo Run Difference

what are tempo runs

Tempo runs are one of the most effective ways for runners to improve their speed and endurance. If you want to unlock your full potential as a runner, tempo runs should be a key part of your training regimen. Tempo runs are faster than your normal easy runs but slower than your high-intensity interval workouts. … Read more

Must-Do Cardio Exercises For Runners

cardio workouts for running

Okay runner folks, time for some heart-pumping cardio! Whether you’re training for your next 5k or just trying to stay in shape, mixing up your running routine with other cardio exercises is key. Lace up those running shoes of my choice and pound the pavement day in and day out because that’s your jam. But … Read more

Should You Use High Intensity Interval Training To Improve Your Runs?

Is High Intensity Interval Training good for running

As a runner, you’ve undoubtedly heard about high intensity interval training (HIIT). With all the hype out there, it’s natural to wonder if you should be incorporating these intense bursts into your routine. Well, here’s your guide with the lowdown on whether High Intensity Interval Training is for you. What Is High Intensity Interval Training? … Read more

Unimagined Running Power Secrets for Improving Stamina

how to improve your running stamina

Stamina describes your body’s capacity to survive a physical or mental effort that lasts a long time. In the case of runners, stamina describes how long you can sustain a certain speed without getting tired quickly. The art of increasing your running stamina requires sheer passion and the right technique. As an aspiring runner looking … Read more

A 10 Mile Run And Caloric Mystery Unveiled

How Many Calories Are Burnt in a 10 Mile Walk?

You’re ready to take your running up a notch and go for your first 10 mile run. But how many calories will you actually burn if you run or even walk that distance? As a beginner runner, you might be surprised at how many calories you could torch during that longer run. Whether you’re an … Read more